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July 23, 2009

OK. I’m back on Blogger. Last time I moved to I wrote a post why I’d be using WordPress instead of Blogger. This week I stumbled on some good reviews (I’ve lost the webpage link) on Blogger.

On top of that, I got to admit that I got bored of the themes offered on WordPress. This time I won’t be posting any pros and cons about those two blogging platforms. I’ll stick to Blogger as long as my interest doesn’t wane.

Thanks for the comments and I’ll re-place my previous post on my blogger!

His Age ≠ Her Age

July 21, 2009

I can officially call today a totally wretched day. Water got in my left ear and now i’m partially deaf, hopefully not for long. I can’t say if that’s the reason why my brain’s activity has gone into overdrive mode. Whenever I feel low I think of all the hardships life threw at me, what other grievances I’d bear in the future, and today it was no different. But my blog is about a different topic and the aforesaid rambling was just to state the frame of mind I’m presently in.

People, who believe in love, say that age is just a number. Falling in love is so easy. I won’t contest it. But how do you fuel/nurture the flame into everlastingness when you fall in love with someone who is almost twice your age? How do you bridge the gap? In my case, it’s 11 years.

Very often we are at loggerheads over personal plans. A classic example: He wants to go out to a nice restaurant or pub-hopping while I fancy going to the club! He claims that he cannot bear overcrowded places, especially where very young people are hanging out in groups. I love crowded clubs! I don’t have to show off my lack of moves to all and sundry. In his ‘younger’ days he used to party a lot, stay out till the following morning, have a quick shower and out again.

I’m still young as compared to him. I want to experience whatever he had when he was my age too. Is it selfish of me to have such expectations? I don’t think so. Is it selfish of him to expect me to pander to his every whim? I’m still pondering on this one. LOL (Ah love is blind huh?)

We click on everything except on our plans for social outings. I know many would say it’s just a clash of personalities but according to our astrological signs (Cynics skip this sentence :)) we are made for each other! And it’s true. It’s a clash of personalities when the couple is from the same age bracket. My beau loves partying but not when I want! He’s an 80’s party animal and I got my feet firmly planted in the new millennium.

It is really different when you’re with someone who is not from the same age bracket as you.

Or, is age indeed JUST a number?

P.S: I’m feeling much better now! 😀

My Wedding, Bollywood Songs and What The Bell?!

July 17, 2009

This might sound crazy but whenever I listen to a Hindi song I try to picture my wedding (traditional) with that particular song playing as background score!

It all started when the movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai came out. One of my prettiest cousins was getting married and I remember prior to the 3-day ceremony we would make a list of songs which would be played for the occasion. Since then – back in the ‘90s – I’ve developed the habit of ‘visualising’ my wedding with any particular Hindi song that I happen to like at that moment. I’ve made a mental list of those tunes which for the first time ever, is going to be penned down or ‘typed down’! 🙂

Of course it’ll start with, follows in no particular order:

1. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (Title Song)
2. Dilwale Dulhanya Lejayenge (Title Song)
3. Dil To Pagal Hai (Title Song)
4. Hum Aapke Hai Kaun (All)
5. Darkaan (All)
6. Kal Ho Na Ho (Title Song)
7. Bachna Ae Haseena (Khuda Jaane)
8. Fanaa (All)
9. Yuvah (All)
10. Khabie Gushi Kabhi Gham (All)
11. Pyar To Hona Hi Tha (Title Song)
12. Soldier (Title Song)
13. Ghulam (Ey Kya Bolti Tu)
14. Hum Dil De Chuke Sanaam (All)
15. Taal (All)
16. Kaho Na Pyar Hai (All)
17. Mohabbatein (All)
18. Lagaan (All)
19. Dil Chahta Hai (All)
20. Devdas (All)
21. Munnabhai (All)
22. Veer Zara (All)
23. Main Hoon Na (All)
24. Murder (The Sexy Song)
25. Salaam Namaste (Title Song)
26. Bunty Aur Bubli (Aishwarya Song – I don’t like her though!)
27. Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna (All)
28. Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein (ALL!!)
29. Om Shanti Om (All)
30. Jab We Met (All)
31. Jodhaa Akbar (All)
32. Dostana (Shilpa Shetty Song)
33. Rab De Bana Di Jodi (Title Song)
34. Race (Pehli Nazar Mein)
35. Fashion (Mar Jawaa)

Well I’ve missed a few but that’s all that’s coming to mind right now! I paid three times to watch Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein, mainly because of the songs. LOL.

Anyway, I’m already married and for my wedding, my friend played RnB!:) Thank god my parents were not livid by the end of the reception.

Am i the only one to come up with such a crazy idea? Share yours if you’re a fruitcake just like moi!

Out of Curiosity (A quick one)

July 14, 2009

Last week I was lucky enough to catch the end of the band march for J’Ouvert 2009. It was around 8 p.m. The town was crowded with carnival votaries. The atmosphere was imbued with the spirit of ‘Vincy pride’. Music was blaring out loud from loudspeakers. They call it street party. My husband and I were chilling at one of his friends’ bar, sipping on cold beer and water while eating conch (seafood which tastes like squid). Everything was merry and jolly. Then out of nowhere a woman shrieked and all I could see was a small crowd gathering in the middle of the road. 2 women were fighting – so i thought -, because all I finally did see were 2 women pulling at each other’s hair. A couple of police officers were trying to break up the fight and managed to, finally. They pulled one of the women and a man! As the police van was stationed besides the friend’s bar I could see the altercation between the officers and the woman. I’m still trying to attune my ears to the local lingo so I had to ask hubby to interpret for me. LOL. What really happened was the woman who got pulled away by the officers lashed at the man, then the man lashed back. It started from there and ended in 2 women fighting.

The policemen were trying to sort things out and gradually the crowd lost interest and moved on. After the bustle settled down, a group of men in their fifties, who were standing behind me, started a conversation about men beating women. One of them said, loud and clear, ‘if a woman lash at me I’ll lash back’.

Now I know many men would second that and start defending their rights too. But there are those men who wouldn’t hit back if it’s a woman; it’s something to do with their upbringing and ‘mother said a gentleman doesn’t hit a woman’.

What would you do if a woman hit you? Would you hit back? What would you do?

Skinny Is Hot?

July 3, 2009

I just finished reading this article where the question was asked: Do Skinny Women Really Have More Sex?

The author of the article did not mention any specific source but according to the research, “women who are a size four have sex more often than size eight women.”

OK here is the deal.  I did some ‘googling’ and most of the posts on this particular topic is ‘skinny women are sexy’. It’s an issue which is hounding women of different age brackets.  I know women’s need to satisfy men on a sexual level can take precedence over everything else.  Some of us would even go to extreme levels to seek men’s approval in the hope of getting laid or simply finding a life partner.   In fear of being shunned out, we give too much importance on polishing our aesthetic beauty rather than letting our inner beauty shine through our individual personality.

I personally find it appalling how the media and society keep exacerbating the matter by lending their support to ‘thin’ or size-zero women.  What about the ‘normal size’ women? What about the overweight ones? We need encouragement too –to become/stay fit and to eat healthily.

Everybody needs love, regardless of one’s  weight.  Stop the fight. And learn to love all for who they are and not for how much they eat.

SVG Ragga Soca 2K9

June 30, 2009

One of my new-found friends was kind enough to invite me to attend the Ragga Soca Competition in Victoria Park, St Vincent and the Grenadines last Friday (26 June 2009). I’ve taken a couple of shots of some of my favourite performances that night.

zoelah 1

Zoelah singing More Water…Her dancers were actually watering her down!


She had everyone whining! My 1st favourite performance of the night.

danielle veira 1

Danielle Veira singing I Want Soca! Good vocals.

danielle veira 2

Danielle and her dance troupe in glitter costumes.  The dancers were not that good but her voice made up for it.


And finally a smallie named Tabia (?) singing Boom Boom Boom. She pumped it up alright!!

After Ragga Soca we went to Xcape (cool club, island-style) where we left well after 4 a.m.

Thank you Trish for an amazing night.  Looking forward to another ‘no-balls’ (inside joke) night.

Peace out.

What If?

June 29, 2009

Today all I’ve been doing is browsing the net, lying down on me bed and eat.  Only minutes ago I was thinking about the what-ifs of my life.  In consequence the would-have-beens give me chills.  Had I acted on my impulse then things would have been much, much different now, for better or for worse – who knows.  At the same time, funny thoughts cross my mind and I decided to share it on here 😉

Like, what if:

  1. I were a boy? (I know, after Beyonce’s number it sounds like a cliché but it makes you think…right?)
  2. I was born in Iraq or Israel or even India? (What would be the chances of me becoming a radical or lying dead, undetected, under some debris or trying to carve out a living in the slums?)
  3. I didn’t meet ‘Swiss Roll’ and JT? (They’ve had a momentous influence on me and helped me becoming the person I am today)
  4. I were allergic to chicken? (A bit far-fetched but hey what if?)
  5. I were blind or deaf? (Would I be smarter than I am now? Hehehe)
  6. Money really grew on trees? (I’d have a massive garden!)
  7. Superpowers were real? (I’d definitely choose invisibility!)

Right now I’m stuck on superpowers!! My brain is buzzing with thoughts on being invisible right now…LOL

I’ll make sure to post a sequel in the near future because there is more… 🙂