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June 4, 2009

I used to blog on Blogspot anonymously before, then I quit. Now that I’m not working I’ve got plenty of time to waste and I signed up on WordPress. I heard good reviews about it so I created a profile but never actually got to post any meaningful post. My unhealthy penchant for the web keeps growing at a constant rate so I said to myself: I might as well start re-blogging again. And I created a new account on Blogspot. Pheww! I’m not yet regular but I’m getting there.

Anyway I ‘stumbled’ on last week (I think) and I’m ever so grateful because I’m in the know now, of what’s happening in Mauritius – my native country which I miss so much! I took residence in the Caribbean and I can’t remember the last time I’ve eaten a typical Mauritian ‘riz frite’ (fried rice). 😦

Hopefully I’ll go to Ile Maurice to visit my parents this year.

And I’ll try to be regular blogging on WordPress as well as on Blogspot.


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