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June 12, 2009

Reading blogs has become a part of my daily routine. Once or twice, per day, I come across an article where men are downsized for some reason or the other. I, for once, would like to dedicate this blog to the men, especially those in my life.

Women and men, we all have flaws but unity should prevail and instead of focusing on the negative traits of each other, we should put time in appreciating what goodness and happiness we bring – or can bring – to each other.

So what are the good qualities of men?

Let’s start with them being generous. Yes, they are.

Always ready to share their lunch with you or buy you one? Definitely. Willing to dip into their personal allowance to lend you when you’re in need? You can easily count on them to share their answers while sitting for a test. How many girls/women would readily do that? Having trouble with your boyfriend? The best person to talk to is a male friend. He wouldn’t berate your man and will try to appease things between you two. No I-told-you-so or of-course-he-is-a-player-so-what-did-you-expect! What about when you’re feeling low? They’ll cheer you up in a funny and yet successful manner. They can’t bear the sight of tears! While dating, if they do not have any long-term commitment plans with you in mind, they’ll subtly let you know. At least men with confidence won’t play games with you. Even the cocky ones will make you laugh with their high-handed selves. They do speak less and act more. Sometimes, with little encouragement, they’ll speak their heart and ‘fess up if they did you wrong. Very often you’ll even become susceptible to their white lies. The fellas are, in my book, ‘Advocates of White Lies’! 😀

Men fall into different categories, just like women do. We often forget, in our bitterness towards men, that even many of them tend to have misgivings about mundane things. Nervousness strikes them as well. Just because witnessing a beautiful sunset makes them emotional doesn’t turn them into a wimp. I, personally, find it heartening to see tears in a man’s eyes; it rouses empathy within.

On that account, i would like to add that not all men are rapists, murderers, perverts, players, haters and other what-nots. I, as a woman, would like to make an appeal: Take time out for the men in your life. They need reassurance just as much as we do.

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  1. Kurt Avish permalink
    June 14, 2009 10:28 am

    Thats it. You said it. 🙂 Can I add one worst quality of men? (including women)

    "They tend to think animals are animals but men are not one" — But men is just an iphone of animals compared to other animals being the old erricson mobile 😛

  2. Wez Tout-Court permalink
    June 14, 2009 3:46 pm

    LOL I like iPhone!!


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